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Check out our Facebook for helpful articles about selling 'by owner.'  6% commission on a $155,000 house is $9,300 - Valley By Owner is a commission free option for sellers.


Click on the "Register & Pay Online" button above.


On the electronic form, you will be given a secure area to enter your Visa/MC & create username & password. Click Save. You'll be sent to a form to answer some questions about service & enter property data. There is a special area for additional comments or questions you may have for us. Click SAVE. Photos can be sent via email, uploaded (after you have completed registration), or mailed. You can always login again using your Username/Password via "Seller Login."


Speed up the process: Call Digger's Hotline (Dial 811) 3-10 days before signing up.*see note below for details
  • Register By Mail


Print worksheet below & mail it, photos/check to our office. Manage PDF


Once we receive your registration items in the mail or drop box (VBO, c/o FCTC, 1033 W. College Ave. Appleton, WI 54914), we will complete your web page (M-F). We will then put your property on our next available "route day." (see more info. below)

    Recommended submission: Monday of the week you would like the sign installed.

    What to expect after sending in your property information/photos/payment.. we will process your registration & build your web page (during office hours M-F). We will send you an email titled "online." This email will confirm that your property can be viewed online & tell you the date of sign installation or day a sign will be mailed if you are outside of our driving range.

    SIGN INSTALLATION: We drive to certain geographical areas on certain days most of the time. Contact us for those details.

    *DIGGER'S HOTLINE:To speed up receiving a sign, call Digger's Hotline (Dial 811) in advance, leave the flags in the yard & know the date you called & save your ticket number. Otherwise, we will contact Digger's Hotline after seeing your registration and will install the sign on our regular day in your area after Digger's Hotline has finished their work. We do not dig a hole for the sign, but use stakes. We are therefore required to check for utilities before disturbing the soil.

    -- If you could please place a stake/flag/marker in the yard, and then let us know about it the comment section of your online registration or email, it makes the job MUCH easier for Digger's.  Then, whether you called or we contacted Digger's Hotline (dial 811), you/we can let them know there is a stake in the yard for the sign. Boulevards sign placements not allowed, county road 'right of ways' are strictly followed.

    ** Privately installed items such as underground dog fences, front light posts and underground sprinklers are not marked by Digger's Hotline. If this applies to you, make sure you let us know and mark a safe spot for the sign placement.

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