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Valley By Owner
VBO, LLC. Terms Of Use

You are agreeing to these terms when you sign up for our service or use our web site in any way.

* PLEASE NOTE: Periodic website down times (maybe once or twice a year at most) can happen.  If they do, we work with our techs until it is repaired.  We cannot control these outages and cannot give refunds for these outages.  These outages are not done on purpose and we hate them as much as you do.  But it is a fact of life.  If you use our web site, you agree to be patient and understanding if this occurs and you will check back later and work with us in a socially appropriate manner until the outage is resolved.


TERMS OF USE (please read):

A: If you use one of our large signs, we need it back in good order; follow the rule noted in “Care of Yard sign” found in the seller login area. If we installed the sign, contact us so we can remove it from the ground upon closing, listing with a realtor or terminating your Valley By Owner listing.

B: Listing service terminates upon one of the following scenarios: You sell it, you list it with a real estate service that does not allow 'FSBO' sales or you take the property off the market. PLEASE, YOU MUST NOTIFY US AT THE TIME YOU MAKE THIS DECISION.

C: You may not move the sign to another property other than one that is on our web site. You may not change your web page to reflect a different property. Transferring an online listing or sign to another property is not allowed.

D: You agree to the disclaimer found at the bottom of each property web page.

E: Our fee is flat-rate for one property. No refunds are giving if the property is sold, goes with real estate service or is taken off market prior to End Of Service.

F: VBO, LLC holds the right to modify or refuse any data, link, text and/or particular formatting onto our web site.

A: Advertisement

VBO, LLC. is a method for advertising properties that are for sale by owner. VBO, LLC. is not involved in any legal aspect of buying and selling properties will not be involved in the sale of any listed properties.  This is a for sale by owner advertising/marketing service.

- Included in the basic service is the rental or purchase of a yard sign and a classified advertisement posting of the property on our web site (named: WisconsinByOwner.com, DoorByOwner.com, ValleyByOwner.com & BadgerByOwner.com). Other services and fees can be viewed on the VBO, LLC. web site.

- If the party selling is a licensed real estate agent or broker, this must be disclosed on the Internet property listing.

-VBO, LLC. will upload new property listings and make web site changes within 3 working days and install a sign within 9 working days. If the weather is extremely poor (tornado, snowstorm, etc.) sign installation may need to be rescheduled.

- All services and fees are subject to change without notice.  All policy/terms of use can change without notice.

- No refunds are given to customers after they signed up and we have processed the registration.  Be sure you want this service before signing up and paying for it.

- Property information for advertisement is provided by the seller or other third party sources. This information will not be verified and is not guaranteed. VBO, LLC. takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information given to VBO, LLC. by the seller or other third party sources. The owner of the property is responsible for finding typing errors, misinformation, or misprints, and is responsible for contacting VBO, LLC. if information on the web site is inaccurate or incomplete. The buyer is responsible for independently verifying all information for accuracy & should do so within a day after the property appears online.

- Photos on flash drives or CDs provided by the seller are returned via USPS. Their return is not guaranteed.

- VBO, LLC. does not sell names/addresses of customers to other businesses. Any solicitation by other businesses to our customers is by way of the web site & is beyond our control. We do not endorse or promote this type of solicitation.

- Business advertising by other companies does appear on the web site. These are paid advertisements. We do not particularly endorse any of them. Individuals must use their own discretion regarding using these business services.

- We do not accept properties onto our web site that are listed with real estate service/broker who does not allow for sale by owner. However, sometimes this information is not disclosed honestly to us. We cannot take responsibility for the individuals who choose to not adhere to these policies and disclose this information to VBO, LLC.

- If receiving a mailed 24 x 18 sign, the recipient is responsible for hiding/covering our web site address after the property is no longer on our web site.

- The search bar on the home page of ValleyByOwner.com is a database search.  It is not a Google (TM) web search.

B: End-Of-Service Policies

-Sign & Internet property listing service expires when one of the following reasons occur: ending of the 3-month service, when the closing transaction of the property occurs, or if the property is listed with a real estate agent/broker who does not allow additional for sale by owner status.

- Renewal pricing is available only to people who are on a continuous basis utilizing our service beyond the initial three months. Renewal pricing is not available to first-time customers or returning customers.

- The service is continuous for three months. No refunds will be given for any reason within the three month period. No prorating of the service fees for less than the three-month listing.

No refunds are given if a property does not sell or does not sell using VBO, LLC. We do not guarantee any sale because we are a classified advertising agency and are not involved in pricing, selling or closing on any property.


C: Sign Policies

The full-sized, wooden posted yard sign ($110 value) is a rental and will need to be available for removal by VBO, LLC. or return by the customer. Sign rental, unless otherwise paid for or mutually agreed on includes: metal stake(s), one white phone number panel, one 24 x 24 “for sale by owner” sign, and one wooden post. We do collect the phone plates as they are refurbished and reused. You can conceal your phone number by covering them up with plastic garbage bags if you like. Please do not take them off the wooden post.

- Failure in making the wooded sign & its parts available for removal will result in a $75 charge to cover the loss.

- With a 7-day notice, the seller will inform VBO, LLC. by an email or phone call when one of the following occurs: hopefully, a closing of the property, at the end of the 3 month service period, or if the property will be listed with a real estate agent/broker.

- Any damaged or missing (full-sized) sign parts must be paid for by the customer: Post with hardware and stake - $25;  Valley By Owner sign - $50; Phone number panel - $15.75.

- Any corrugated plastic signs (“mailable” 18 x 24 inch ) purchased from VBO, LLC. are not replaced without additional fees. For example, if they are stolen or the wind takes them, VBO, LLC. will not replace these for free.

- VBO, LLC aka ValleyByOwner.com does not install or remove any corrugated plastic signs.  Only the wooden-posted signs are installed and removed.  Corrugated plastic signs (arrows, house for sale, open house signs) and their parts are the sole responsibility of the individual purchasing these.  We do not install or remove these corrugated signs.  The customer is responsible for installing and then removing these signs and sign parts in any location.  These signs are for intended use on the customer's property and should not be placed on common land or on the land belonging to other property owners.

Two trips to the property are included in the basic service only if the property lies within our driving range (see web site pricing page). If outside of the driving range, the service price includes an 18 x 24-inch sign, which would be mailed.

- VBO, LLC. does repair or move signs for their customers, but only during regularly scheduled route days.

-Yard Sign Underground Utility Policy: Place a stake or marker in a safe (free from underground utilities, dog fences, underground sprinklers, etc.) location for installation of yard sign. VBO, LLC. does not accept responsibility for damage to underground utilities resulting from placement of yard sign. Submission of this form indicates your agreement and compliance with this policy. If there is no marking from the property owner, VBO, LLC assumes there are no utilities present.

- However, if the position of a marker placed by the property owner violates general city/county sign placement rules (no signs in the boulevard, not too close to the road, etc.), VBO, LLC. will use the best judgment regarding sign placement.

If the seller requests VBO, LLC. to place a sign in a location other than their property, permission must be granted in writing from the owner of that property. This will also include specific instructions as to where the underground utilities might be, where the sign should be placed, and county or city sign placement rules. This permission must be submitted with paperwork/or via email when signing up with VBO, LLC web site. If the property’s owner does not provide permission in writing, VBO, LLC. takes no responsibility for that sign or damage caused to that sign, although the customer is still responsible for returning the sign to us & paying for loss or damage.

- VBO, LLC. takes no liability or responsibility for an individual who attempts to install or remove a sign. Customers do not have permission to do so. We include in the service the installation & removal of signs.

- Any person who removes a sign themselves waives all responsibility for liability by VBO, LLC, by taking on the task themselves.

- If a customer decides to pick up and install their own sign, they are waiving any liability by doing so. See the above guidelines for sign removal and installation notifications.

D: General Website Standards of Practice

- VBO, LLC. will mark a property as “sold” and/or “accepted offer” on the advertisement after the owner contacts us. Generally, the property stays “sold” or “accepted offer” on the listing results for about 42 days. It is the customer’s responsibility to expressly state that they do not wish for the property to continue to appear on the listing results page.

- Any right column note on the listing page of VBO, LLC., such as "New Listing" or "Reduced” is removed after about 14 days from ValleyByOwner.com or WisconsinByOwner.com.

- VBO, LLC. has the right to remove any listing or specific text from the web site or publication (including individual listing pages) without notice to the customer. VBO, LLC. also has the right to remove any advertisement which holds questionable material, links to other web sites, any other controversial material, or if the advertisement has produced complains from individuals who use the printed magazine or the web site.


- Any linked web sites must meet approval from the staff at ValleyByOwner.com / WisconsinByOwner.com