Property Listing Prices

  • Internet Web Page & Sign* Service: 6 photos & 3 months time.-For wooden sign; must be in our driving range, otherwise a sign is mailed; see note below*
  • Spec. Sheet box rental (Info. Box)
  • Cost per photo beyond 6 (6 are included in the base price).1-time fee only, you can change photos for no charge while you are enrolled in our service
          1 extra - 5.25
          2- 10.50
         3 - 12.00
         5-16.00  etc
  • Open House Sign (reads "Open House" you write in the time/address/day)
  • Directional Sign (reads "House for Sale")
  • Arrow Sign  (sign is shaped like an arrow)
  • Pennants - 30 feet
  • Second wooden-posted sign rental for same property -only in our driving ranges
* Email us if you would like this option to let us know where you think you want a second sign
  • Updates to your web page during the time you are listed on our web site
           No additional charge
  • Renewal cost after initial 3 months for a second 3 months, 1 month at a time renewal is $35
           $99/ 3 mo
           $39/ 1 mo
  • Must be current customer, does not apply to newly advertised properties
   Featured Property - property shows on homepage banner & on left on several pages, such as faq
*WI Sales Tax already included
*Most cities and towns in the Fox Cities, Green Bay and Oshkosh are inside our driving range, but if it takes more than 20 minutes to get to downtown of Appleton, Oshkosh, or Green Bay, email us to check to see if we install in your area.