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  • -To provide EASY, LOCAL, and PROFESSIONAL service to EVERY Valley By Owner customer



  • -By providing a listing website that is EASY to find, EASY to navigate, and provide a listing service that is EASY to use.
  • -By keeping our service LOCAL, we can also refer you to LOCAL providers who share our vision and level of commitment to customer service.
  • -By providing customers with a website that maintains a PROFESSIONAL appearance, and by providing the PROFESSIONAL Valley By Owner signage for your home.


WHO are we?

As of January 6, 2017, Norma A. Brink became the owner of valleybyowner.com.  Norma, her husband Steve, and their daughter Johanna, are committed to maintaining the level of customer service that people have long come to expect when listing their home with Valley By Owner.

Norma and Steve have recently returned to the Fox Cities after having lived in Michigan for nearly 15 years.  They are looking forward to spending lots of time with their two grandsons now that they are back in Wisconsin! 


Norma is an attorney and practices real estate law with Hoff, Bushaw, and Allwardt, LLC, in Appleton.  Norma understands not only the business, but the personal side of residential real estate law.  It's not always easy to separate your emotions when selling your home.  Norma can help you take a step back and make sure that you're making decisions from your head, and not from your heart. 

Norma is also part owner of Fox Cities Title Company.  Title insurance and closing services are almost always required in real estate sales.  Fox Cities Title Company specializes in "for sale by owner" transactions.  When it comes time for your home sale to close, Fox Cities Title would take especially good care of both you AND your buyer.  By using Valley By Owner,  you are under no obligation to purchase insurance from Fox Cities Title Company.