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  • Why should I list with you service?
  • How do I sign up for your service?
  • Is my property priced right?
  • I have an offer, now what?
  • How can I send digital photos?
  • How do people generally handle the legal aspect of selling a house when they
    don't have a realtor doing the paperwork, it all seems so confusing and risky?
  • I want to stop using your service and list with a licensed real estate agent, what do I do?
  • Can I post sold / accepted offer on my sign?
  • What makes your business distinctive?
  • What is the difference between using your service (selling 'by owner') and using realtor services?
  • Do you offer the MLS? Why not?
  • How much is your service?
  • If I list for only 1 month, can I get a refund?
  • How do I print a nice one-page spec. sheet?
  • How are changes made to my page and what are their costs?
  • What is a search engine?
  • How do potential buyers know to use your site?
  • Why didn't you put the sign on the strip of grass between our sidewalk and street?
  • Neenah Sign Rules
  • Do you offer open house signs or small corner signs?

Topic 1: Using This Service & Selling Your Home


·         We’re LOCAL. Always have been, always will be.  Our friendly staff will assist as necessary.  We’re affiliated with LOCAL service providers who can assist you every step of the process.


·         We have a HISTORY OF SUCCESSWe’ve helped sell over a thousand homes since 1999.  We maintain high Google placement for more search hits – this means higher visibility for your property online.


·         We have a BRAND.  People know valleybyowner.com.  We have bright, professional, and recognizable signs.


·         We provide FLEXIBILITY.  You manage your page information, and change it as needed.  Set open house dates and times. 


·         We MAKE IT EASY FOR BUYERS to find your home.  Multiple search options on the site are available for buyers to find your home. We also maintain a FACEBOOK page, and will post your new listing there too. 


·         We have STRATEGIC SERVICE PROVIDERS (no obligation) who understand “For Sale By Owner”, and are ready to help you every step of the way.  Attorney Norma Brink at Hoff, Bushaw, and Allwardt, LLC, can assist with your offers and counter offers; Cherry Creek Mortgage can help get buyers pre-qualified, print you open house sheets, provide “0% downpayment” financing signs and more; and Fox Cities Title Company can close your deal.



Step 1:  Enter your property information on the “List with Us” page Online Registration, or email us. 

Step 2:  Upload your Photos onto your web page via the Seller Login after you have completed Step 1.  (You can also send them to us via email attachments)

Step 3:  Send your Payment.  Pay securely with your credit card or PayPal account as part of the Online Registration.  (You can also pay by check via mail).  



Is my property priced right?

An appraiser is a person who is trained to put a value on your home or property.  A bank will hire an appraisal during mortgage or refinance procedures; so you may have one on record if you have done this recently.

 An assessed value is what the city/town values your property. An assessment is used to set your property taxes. While both numbers are helpful as a guideline - they don't often match and are often confused.  An assessed value is often lower than the appraised value.
Some customers look at the city/town records for recent closings in order to see what similar houses sold for, then they compare that information with their property. You can also look at our web site and other web sites to make some comparisons. It can be helpful to figure out the price per square foot for comparison purposes.

I have an offer, now what? See our Service Directory page for Real Estate Forms & Steps for Buying/Selling

We recommend that you consult with an attorney first and/or title company. There are many good real estate attorneys in the area, but few provide the convenience of Hoff, Bushaw and Allwardt, who are just downstairs from Fox Cities Title Company.  The attorney will make sure things are correctly completed, copies are made etc..

 We recommend only placing "accepted offer" or "sold" online after all contingencies (inspection, other property sale, etc.) are met. We will also replace installed signs if things fall through before closing and it is still within your initial 3 month period. NOTE: Please give us at least one week lead time for sign removal.  It is important to us that we remove any installed signs prior to the closing date.


How can I send digital photos?

Photos should be in jpeg format.  The best way is the upload the photos directly onto your web page (after registering with us) using our Seller Login Upload Photo tool.  You can also send them attached to an email  with the property address in the subject heading of the email . If you have trouble, contact service@valleybyowner.com.



I want to stop using your service and list with a licensed real estate agent, what do I do?

Simply call us or email us with this information by Monday of the week you want the sign picked up. We will remove the sign and remove your property from the site. We do need to keep the site "by owner" and it is an honor system to let us know so we can pick up the sign. Please refer to the question about refunds for details on pricing.  

 Until the day we come to remove the sign, you can clip off the hanging part of the sign and lean it against the house to indicate that you are no longer selling 'by owner'. Please do not remove the signpost. (please review our policies found on this web site).


Can I post sold / accepted on my sign?

PLEASE don't put any kind of tape on the signs. Please call us to have us remove the signs ourselves so damage to the sign does not occur. When your property has an accepted offer, call us and we will arrange to pick up the sign at a time which fits your needs and/or closing date. We ask to have the sign at least a week before closing.  You can read more detail, found on our Policy web page on this web site.

 If necessary, you may clip off the hanging part of the sign and lean them against the outside of the house in a place where we can find them when pick-up occurs. If you wish, place a large garbage bag over the sign for the day or two before we remove the sign. Sometimes we have SOLD or ACCEPTED offer signs available for free use from our office; give us a call or email if you would like to pick one up from our office for you sign.


What makes Valleybyowner distinctive?

This business began in 1999 as a local, service oriented business, when was a need from both the buyer and seller perspective for a web site like ours. We try to treat each customer like family; understanding the selling/buying property is sometimes a stressful situation. We also strive to make this advertising process as simple as possible.



What is the difference between using your service (selling 'by owner') and using realtor services?

When selling 'by owner,' you are marketing your property, taking the phone calls, showing the property, running the open houses, negotiating directly with the buyer and handling the paperwork independently (many individuals hire an attorney to do this part when selling 'by owner'). You can tailor your plan of action to your own needs - and you save the commission otherwise paid to a realtor.

 In contrast, when you list with a realtor, not always, but typically, they generally market the property for you, or at least put it on the MLS system. You are relying on them to advertise the property in the papers, take phone calls, show the property, run open houses and many realtors are involved in the negotiation process and paperwork process.  


You don’t offer MLS?  Why not?

Listing on MLS is expensive and, since we are already one of the lowest cost alternatives, we can't justify the expense.  Currently, everyone can access and see our properties publicly. Our web site is available to view by all people, all over the world as long as they have Internet access.  If you are interested in having realtors contact you,  we recommend writing "Real estate professionals welcome" on your listing on our web site.

Topic 2: Pricing


  How much is your service?

$199 for a 3-month period of time which includes sign and Internet page. Additional fees that may apply can be found on our Price page and are added to the $199 fee as needed. There are limitations to our driving distances, so please call for details if you are about 14+ miles outside our metro areas. If you register online via option B on our List w/Us page, your zip code will let you know if you would receive an installed sign (we put it in) or whether we would mail you a sign, digits & pennants.



  If I list for only 1 month, can I get a refund?

No, Our fee schedule is based on the amount of work put into each property at the beginning of service. So if your house sells after a few days, we have still perform the same amount of work as if it had been on the site for the entire 3-months.

Topic 3: Web Site


How do I print a nice one-page spec. sheet?

There are two ways to print a spec. sheet from our web site:

1) Go to the property of choice. Look to the right of the address. Click on "Print Spec Sheet." Choose print.
2) Select/highlight the area you would like to print using the mouse. Look at the menu bar on the top of the page, Click on "file," then chose "print." In the print window chose "selection."


How are changes made to my page and what are their costs?

Updates and changes to your page, including open houses & photos, are done for no additional fee when using our service. They can be made three ways:

 1) Click on the "Seller Login" area, which is on top right of our web site. Changes made here go into effect as soon as you click 'save"
2) Emailing us, including your name and property address in the email

 3) Calling us. Please provide last name and address



What is a search engine?

Search engines and directories have become complicated beasts in the last few years. Unlike a phone book, just because a business has a web site does not mean it will appear on a search engine. We hire experts in the area to work on keeping our web site highly visible in search engines and directories, to give you the most exposure possible.


Topic 4: Signs


Why didn't you put the sign on the strip of grass between our sidewalk and street?

Cities and towns do not allow signs to be placed in this strip of land. The City of Neenah has informed us that their street crews have been discarding a large number of 'by owner' signs found in these areas. If you use these smaller corner signs to draw people into your home you'll want to keep track of them and if they are for an open house especially, pick them up before the weekend is over. 



Neenah Sign Rules:

Within the City of Neenah, any sign advertising property for sale must be located entirely within the boundaries of the property to which the sign applies. Such signs shall not exceed 32 square feet in area. If a sign advertising property for sale is placed within the street right-of-way the sign shall be removed and disposed of by City employees. Because of liability concerns, no sign which has been removed will be returned. Open house signs must be installed and removed the same day of the showing. We also ask that they be placed in such a way as to not impede or interfere with the safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians.


Do you offer open house signs or small corner signs?

We now offer "Open House" signs and "House For Sale" Signs. See our Pricing page for graphics of these. We also offer 30 foot yellow and blue pennant flags for sale. If you are a new customer, you can order these items as you sign up for the first time online. We would then drop off the items when we deliver or mail a sign. If you are already a customer and would like any of these items, you can notify the office and we can arrange payment and have you pick up the items from our office.